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i had this song in mind when i was drawing this and now it’s stuck in my head


i had this song in mind when i was drawing this and now it’s stuck in my head

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September 20th, 2014 - On the Road Again


AUTHOR: Pepper’s Ghost

20th of September, 2014 - On The Road Again

"No. Absolutely not. I am not getting into that death contraption, Alfred, and you cannot make me."

It was a car – an old Ford roadster - haystack yellow with a black convertible top and wood wheel spokes. It sat innocently enough in the driveway waiting to take the two men to places unknown.

"Come on Arthur! It’ll be fun," said America. He’d saddled up to the car and was affectionately patting the hood while shooting England a pleading look. "A nice fall drive. You and me. The open road."

England was having none of it. He stood resolute, arms crossed, frowning at America.

"Aren’t you always telling me to smell the roses?" continued America without a care given to England’s posture. "So lets go for a nice cruise through the countryside and see all the pretty fall colors. Maybe stop at a fruit stand or something and get a treat."

"Well that’s all fine and good but seriously Alfred, your Model A?" said England.

"I’ll have you know I’ve taken great care of this car!" America said. His loose posture had vanished. The car stroking had stopped. Even if it was England no one was going to bad-talk his baby. "That’s even the original paint and upholstery."

"Great. So you want us to sit on poorly covered springs for however long it is until you get bored of this venture and bring us home," said England. He shot the car another scathing glance but adamantly avoid the upset American’s eyes.

"Look," said America with a sigh. He ran his hands through his hair and swallowed. "If you didn’t want to leave the house you coulda just said no." After a pause. "I dressed up and everything."

The remainder caused England to again enjoy the form before him – a nice button down with a form fitted vest and even an old driving hat. England hadn’t seen the likes of those clothes on America in a good long while. America did look quite dapper in them. It would be a shame to waste such an effort.

"Alright fine," said England. He chose to ignore the fist pump and not so subtle victorious ‘yes’ the other gave. "But you had better not expect me to crank."

"Nope!" said America climbing in the drivers seat. "I splurged when I got this baby! Electric starter and everything." His last word was punctuated by the car door slamming.

As America busied himself with starting the car England prattled on about the turn of events, “To be honest I would have thought you’d’ve gotten something more flashy than just this Model A. What ever happened to your Locomobile?”

"I love that car," said America as the Ford rattled to life. America patted the wheel and the pair started out down the driveway.

"Does this even have proper turn signals?" England said as they pulled onto the main road.

"Course – totally street legal and insured," said America.

"So when this explodes on us, I can sue you."

"You wouldn’t."

"I just might."

They drove on through beautiful fall scenery.

England didn’t even protest when America threw his arm around him as they vibrated down the road.

"So why the sudden interest in taking this old car out?" England said. He discreetly tried to snuggle with the warm American. "Simple joy rides are not something done in this day and age anymore."

It was quiet for a few moments. England could see the other searching for something, pensive look on his face, before it lit up with an answer.

"Pit stop!" America said. Apparently not the answer England was looking for.

The car swerved violently to the left and into a small dirt parking lot.

"What the hell Alfred!?" England said. He ignored how the momentum of the turn had smashed them even closer together.

Both sloshed forward as America slammed on the breaks in a parking spot.

"Best. Cookies. Ever!" said America. He clutched England’s shoulders and gave a little squeeze before he scrambled out of the car and was lost among the baked goods. England just sighed and slowly made his way behind his companion.

The quaint little fruit stand was nice enough and had quite the variety of goods available. England dabbled among the bins of apples seeing if they had some of the unique varieties you couldn’t get at the store.

America blustered toward him. “Sample. Try,” said America. He shoved some fudge in England’s mouth before rushing away again.

England chuckled at the other’s enthusiasm. America was all over everything at the stand.

The pair came away with some apples, cookies for America and a caramel apple for England.

As soon as the cookies were demolished, America began eyeing England’s caramel apple.

"You want a bite before all the caramel is gone?" said England.

"Yes please."

"Just keep your eyes on the road," England said. He scooted closer to America and dangled the treat by America’s mouth allowing the other to take an enormous caramel-covered bite.

"You never answered my question before we stopped," said England.

"Wha’stha’?" America said licking caramel out of his teeth. England had his full attention though.

"Or how about why there was another Model A at the fruit stand?" England continued. "This type of car is not your daily driver anymore."

"Didn’t I tell you? It’s International Model A Ford Day. Gotta show the pride of ownership!" said America.

"Do Americans make holidays for everything?"

"No. Just the important stuff like Thanksgiving and Labor Day and Mother’s Day and Pie Day and Earth Day and Aviation Day and Sneak Some Zucchini Onto Your Neighbor’s Porch Day and – "

"And that last one is not a holiday!" said England.

"It’s August 8th…I celebrate every year."


"Really really … There’re only so many different things you can do with zucchini … Gotta spread the love around you know."

"So the only reason for this mad venture was to celebrate this holiday?"

"And to spend time with you Arthur!"

"We are not having sex in this car."

"Drat. I’ll just have to settle for holding you close the rest of the trip."

"How chivalrous. Now let me enjoy the rest of my apple and these views in peace."

The pair snuggled close for the remainder of their nice afternoon drive.


Author’s Notes: Happy International Model A Ford Day! This random but fun holiday has been going on for a few years but is usually on the third Saturday of September. I always figured that America would manage to accumulate a lot of stuff – including vehicles. Most people are familiar with Ford Model As (and Model Ts) but the Locomobile that England refers to is a bit more off the beaten track. When you could buy a Ford for around $300-400 depending on the extras you got, each Locomobile was essentially a obscenely expensive “hand crafted, one off” car instead of an assembly line car that cost in excess of $1,500 or more. It is very much Grapes of Wrath vs. The Great Gatsby in terms of vehicles. If you want to see photos of each of the cars in mind please visit my tumblr. Also, if you didn’t know fruit stand snobbery being a thing, it is…I am fortunate to live in an area where going to the store to buy fruit is looked down upon because to be honest it doesn’t taste very good and you’re not supporting the local community. So the whole situation is both good and bad.



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two birthday parties in a row… he’s all tuckered out…….


two birthday parties in a row… he’s all tuckered out…….

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Aviator Alfred
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Aviator Alfred

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